To escape the confronting reality of his home life, eight year-old Callum retreats to the world of comic books. Stepping forward as his favorite comic book hero, Power the Kid, and together with his older sister Jane, Callum withdraws to his imagination and away from the source of their family’s torment. Can Callum find the courage to banish his evil arch-nemesis from their lives once and for all?

This is a provocative yet captivating story in the vein of David and Goliath, which proves that sometimes the bravest people amongst us, are the one’s we’d least expect.


  • Power the Kid / Callum Julian Mineo
  • Dark Raven / Jane Natasha Baynham
  • Miss Thompson Zoe Tuckwell-Smith
  • Louisa Kelly-Maree Joyce
  • Insidious / Grahamel Daniel Green
  • Police Officer Jamie Buurveld
  • Ms. Cunliffe Catherine Moore


  • Director

    Alex Barnes
  • Writer

    Julian Curtis
  • Producer

    • Benjamin R. Hetherington
  • Executive Producers

    • Kerry O’Rourke
  • Supervising Producers

    • Helen Morrison
  • Script Consultants

    • Mark Overett
    • Chris Fitchett
  • Script Editor

    • Chris Fitchett
  • Director of Photography

    Richard C. Bell
  • Production Designer

    Georgina Greenhill
  • Composer

    Ryan Walsh
  • Editor

    Derryn Watts
  • Associate Producers

    • Andrew Bogan
    • Kellie Bogan
  • Production Manager

    Siobhan Mulready
  • 1st Assistant Director

    Samantha Laidlaw
  • Unit Manager

    Maren Preuss
  • Production Assistant

    Liam Heyen
  • Script Supervisor

    Alyssa Grantham
  • 1st Assistant Camera

    Courtney Miller
  • Gaffers

    • Brian Lowe
    • Stefan Petrov
  • Grip

    Rhys Forrer
  • Sound Recordist

    Justin Harrison
  • Sound Editor

    Justin Harrison
  • Hair and Make Up

    Vicki Sands
  • Costume Designer

    Rachel Cherry
  • Standby Props

    Hannah French
  • Art Departments Assistants

    • Hannah French
    • Jo Tindale
    • Jason Fitzgerald
    • Justin Gowdie
  • Lead VFX Artist

    Timothy Baker
  • Flame Artist

    Steve Leacey
  • VFX Artist

    Ahmed Nashabee
  • Colourist

    Justin McDonald
  • Cutting Edge Post Producer

    Dani Gard
  • Concept Artist

    Rachel Wong
  • Stills Photographer

    Robyn Mill
  • Graphic Designer

    Aaron Duxfield
  • Behind the Scenes

    • Jazz Meyer
    • Simon Trevorrow



Official Selections

  • Heart of Gold International Film Festival